Bar Church and HashtagLunchBag Part II: BBQ w/ Our Neighbors


We partnered again with our friends HashtagLunchbag Seattle and hosted a BBQ lunch at Ballard Commons Park and invited those experiencing homelessness to come hang out, meet and eat together. We grilled, ate, played cornhole in the sunshine and, most importantly, had over 50 people experiencing homelessness that we’d never met come through and help us eat 120 burgers and 60 hot dogs.

Thoughts from a Bar Churcher

I was asked to grill and was more than happy to help.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Grilling allowed me to hand a burger or dog to many of our neighbors I am sure I have walked right by in the past.  Everyone was extremely grateful, more polite than my own kids.  It was a rewarding experience for me to speak to some of these friendly faces, bring my kids to witness and talk about what we were doing here.  I never know how to help the homeless population and even struggle with what to think about the homeless population.   I’m glad I got to have conversation with our Ballard neighbors and hand them a meal.  Felt good to do something not just ponder on what to do. – Justin

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