Bar Church with HashtagLunchbag Seattle


We partnered with HashtagLunchbag Seattle to make and deliver 1200 lunches to the homeless and displaced of Seattle.

Thoughts from a Bar Churcher

“Hey…great event on Sunday!  I wanted to share my experiences after leaving.  We couldn’t do a full delivery so we grabbed a few lunches on the way out and I expected to pass them out to the people we always see on the freeway on/off ramps around 50th.  We didn’t see any strangely and then remembered we needed to stop by the store on our way home.  We left the lunches when we parked and as we were heading up to bartells I saw a man with a sign saying “anything helps” sitting out front.  I said “I’m going to run back and grab a lunch” and Karl went in to get our errands started.  As I approached the man again and offered him the lunch he looked up for the first time and i realized this man was really a boy.  He couldn’t have been more than 20.  He was so thankful and appreciative.  On my way in a man who saw what I did said “thank you for doing that and helping that boy.”  By the time I reached Karl I could hardly even explain the encounter I had just had.  Through tears I just kept saying “he’s a kid.”  At checkout they had a huge display of hand warmers which I bought for the boy and gave to him on the way out.  He was eating the sandwich and so thankful.  I’ve gone back 2 times looking for the boy.  I’m not sure why but i just keep finding myself driving by and wanting to know his story and how to help.  I know our homelessness issue is a big one and it finally hit me as i saw this child experiencing such sadness.  Anyways I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for doing what you guys do.

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