So Now What?


We’ve been meeting monthly for the last four months and people have continued to show up. Now we share the vision for what’s next and why we’re excited about it!

Thoughts from a Bar Churcher

“My name is Karli— I chatted with you briefly when my brother (David) and I introduced ourselves, but I just wanted to follow up with you here. We were both so stoked as we walked out of the Beer Hall doors on Sunday. The first thing my brother said to me was, “now THAT was refreshing”. Both of us grew up in the church, and are very familiar with church tradition and structure. I was involved in ministry for years. I minored in Theology in college, and helped out with some church plants in Spokane and Portland after graduation. My dream was something very grassroots & unconventional, but those dreams fell flat when I realized so many people were drawn back into the same structure I was so desperately trying to shatter.

I am in no way saying that structure is bad, but I felt like it was hindering a larger story—a deeper community. Religious organizations can so easily shut people out without the intention to do so. Even I, a lifelong Christian, have felt shut out of certain Christian communities because I’m not on the same page as the majority of churchgoers. I have questions, doubts, and fears just like everyone, religious, and nonreligious, have. I want a safe space to voice them. A safe space to worship. A safe place to question. A safe place to celebrate. A safe place to learn. A safe place to be cynical. A safe place to be optimistic. A safe place to simply say, “I don’t know, and I am ok to sit in that for awhile.” I have dreamed of a community like Bar Church for a very long time, and I would love to be involved. Let me know how I can dive in. Thanks so much again for seeing this vision through. I’m so excited to see how this community will grow, and what we might learn from one another.”

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