Spring Cleaning: Give Away the Stuff You Don’t Need to Those That Do


In April we invited BC people (and anyone who wanted to declutter their lives) to do some spring cleaning and get rid of stuff. We worked with a few local organizations — Mary’s Place, Treehouse and Bridge Care Center — to meet some of their specific needs. Everyone brought what they had Sunday then together we organized everything based on where it was heading and delivered it to the organizations and people who needed it!

Thoughts from a Bar Churcher

“I was sorting my laundry and ran across an old bra and began thinking about how happy some lady is today to be able to choose a new bra from Mary’s Place. Or some young girl getting to go to prom now because she can choose a gorgeous dress from Treehouse. I am thankful for the opportunity to help someone who is just where I used to be — a motivated single mom, with great kids, who just needed a hand here and there while we struggled to make it in the world. We’ve been there and it’s so meaningful to me to be able to give back!”

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