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Everything we get to do — tangibly help out charities, meet in our awesome (and heated!) space, enjoy a cold drink, even sit in actual chairs and flush actual toilets — is because people in the community believe in what we are up to. These people regularly contribute financially to make everything happen (thanks beautiful humans!). If you consider Bar Church your community — we simply ask that you'd consider chipping in. If you're new or still figuring out if Bar Church is a good fit sit back and relax.

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What was your Bar Church experience like? We'd love to hear about it and, if your comfortable with it, potentially share it in our Journal of events.

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Do have have an idea for one of our "Do" events? We are constantly brainstorming ideas, connecting with people doing meaningful work and looking for ways to make a tangible difference. We think you probably got some great ideas and know some great people. We'd love to hear about both!

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