Low Bar,
High Spirits

We're about two things: Creating a safe place for people to honestly explore spirituality & working together to tangibly make the world a better place.

5449 Ballard Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107


Upcoming Sunday Events

  • Looking for a spot to pop in for Easter Sunday? We’ve been around a couple years but this is our first Easter event together. We’d love to have you. Come hang!

  • When was the last time you asked someone how they were and they didn’t at some point mention the word busy? We all feel it. So we will be taking time out regularly at Bar Church to provide a space to slow down for a minute, breathe and reflect.

  • Oh boy. This event will be a popular one (that’s sarcasm). Listen — this thing called life is challenging. Many of us have experienced deep grief at some point — a death, the end of a relationship, a crisis of identity. Those of us that haven’t yet can certainly expect to in the future. Perhaps grief is the one guarantee we have as humans? So why don’t we talk about it? Because it’s hard and scary and it reminds us that it’s coming. And that’s why we’re gonna talk about it.

  • How much time do you spend each day looking at a screen? For the average American that number is just over 11 hours (!!). And no…that’s not including work related screen time.

    The world has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Perhaps nothing has changed more than our ability to access information, entertainment, shopping and just about everything at the touch of a button. But how is this affecting our ability to engage with real life? Are there negative consequences? (Spoiler alert…yes…duh) And what can we do to curb it?


"I'm just bout' that action boss"

Marshawn Lynch

If Jesus decided to stick around and start a church — what would it look like?



Jesus spent roughly half his time meeting people where they were at (primarily telling stories — about 40 of them). He created environments where people could learn more about what it means to be human, ask questions, argue, doubt, celebrate, and mourn.

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He spent the other half of his time actually, physically, litertally helping people primarily performing miracles — about 40 of them. He seemed just as concerned about helping people in their present as he did about their future. We figure if it’s good enough for the man Himself, it’s probably a decent model.

Do Journal

“A bar is just a church where they serve beer.”

Jim White

We meet in a bar because bars don’t suck. Bars are already where important conversations are happening. It’s where we talk through things we don't understand. Bars are our confessionals. Where strangers become friends. Where people celebrate, relax, laugh, argue, process and grieve. Isn’t this what a church should be?


A Safe Place

We talk about real shit — priorities, busyness, stress, anxiety, our phones that we can’t put down. We talk about shit that’s uncomfortable — politics, race, sex, death, violence. Not because it’s fun but because we’re committed to confronting reality.

A Better World

Sundays are a church’s most valuable asset. We committed from day one that we would use much of our Sundays to be generous with both our time and money. We are far more interested in making a big impact than being a big church. With that in mind, we dedicate around half of our Sundays to tangibly making the world better by either:

01 — Action
Doing something beneficial for the world together (making lunches for the homeless, gathering household items for charities, clothing drives for foster kids).

02 — Education
Inviting non-profit leaders and experts to share what they do and educate us on HOW to best help (investing in vulnerable youth, how to support refugees)

Past Events

"I ain't got no issues, I'm just doin' my thing. Hope you doin' your thing too."

Kanye West

We don’t think you need to believe all the same things to belong at Bar Church. We’re fine with people seeing things differently. In fact, we prefer it.


All Are Welcome

Who’s BC For? Everyone. Truly. There’s no “but”…

Show Up

We meet the first two Sundays of every month. Sometimes we skip holiday weekends — enjoy them with other humans. That’s it. You’re busy. Everybody’s busy. You don’t need to go to church every sunday till you die.