Our Screens — The New Cigarettes


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How much time do you spend each day looking at a screen? For the average American that number is just over 11 hours (!!). And no…that’s not including work related screen time.

The world has changed drastically in the last 20+ years. Perhaps nothing has changed more than our ability to access information, entertainment, shopping and just about everything at the touch of a button. But how is this affecting our ability to engage with real life? Are there negative consequences? (Spoiler alert…yes…duh). And what can we do to curb it?

next steps?

•No TV certain days

•People over phones — put the phone away when you’re with people

•Put your phones to sleep — no phone at bedtime and right when you wake up


Morning Bar Church! Today we’re talking about screen time! Don’t worry no judgement for watching on fb live 😆 Cheers! 🍻

Posted by Bar Church on Sunday, March 10, 2019